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Meet the family

Nature Provides was borne out of a mission that came from a question and a conversation between a brother and sister.

“How can we stay healthy in a world filled with chemicals, glyphosates, heavy metals, EMF radiation and so much more – and be able to do that using only what nature has provided us?”

It was a question that sparked this business and the products we now sell.
Products that come directly from nature – that actually work.

Let’s meet the family

Rachel / founder & nutritionist

Having graduated from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2014, I set up a successful practice in Sussex, carrying out 1:1 consultations with an emphasis on functional medicine.

My passion for true and natural nutrition lead me to me to the wonders of products such as shilajit, and forming Nature Provides with Gavin was an obvious next step.

Sharing my extensive knowledge and passion for the industry, I have been a Director and Nutritionist at Nature Provides Ltd. since it was established in 2016.

Peter / managing director

Holding a  Business Studies degree I am the one all over the spreadsheets. I spent much of my working life in IT; my most recent job being in IT forensics.

Bringing my knowledge of running a business, my organisational skills and eye for detail, I’m the man getting on with the day-to-day running of things behind the scenes.

My personal life; I’m married to Rachel and we have two amazing children together – so knowing what’s good for us is so important to me now.

Gavin / Founder & creative

I spent the early part of my career working as a designer but, after my own health temporarily took a turn for the worst, my search for optimal health began.

I instinctively knew that allopathic doctors don’t know everything and before embarking on that slippery slope known as the western medical system, my journey towards health took me to the Himalayas and Siberia which helped me to discover what my body really needed.

That discovery took me to where I am now – sharing the true gifts of nature with you.


Moraea / new product explorer

I had the great privilege to study in a Steiner school in Sweden, so from an early age I learned to see the world from a holistic perspective, and that good health and well-being is all about the balance between Body, Mind and Spirit.

I went on to work at a holistic permaculture farm where I learned about herbs, beekeeping and natural health. My eyes started to open to the abundance of nature, and how we can integrate old knowledge into our modern world.

My role is to look for new products – and in line with the ethos of Nature Provides, ones that actually work!


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