Mountain Blood


Figuratively speaking, this is the lifeblood of mountains – working at a cellular level, Mountain Blood supports every system in the body. From anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, libido boosting and improving memory, to muscle building, energy boosting, improved mood and better sleep.

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Rachel Aceso
Rachel Aceso

Mountain Blood powder


Our powdered version of Mountain Blood shilajit is exactly the same as the resin version, but in a much easier to take form so it’s easily added to smoothies, herbals teas and shakes.

And it’s 100% RAW. Rooaaarr!

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Bioactive B12


Our amazing Bioactive B12 is a potent and bioavailable blend, containing both of the most active forms of B12: Dual Coenzyme Methylcobalamin and Adenosylcobalamin. Free from artificial preservatives and colourings, held only in pure distilled water.

B12 is essential in many vital functions in the body so when choosing which form of B12, it is important to ensure you are taking the most active, bioavailable forms. Many supplements on the market contain the synthetic and ineffective form known as Cyanocobalamin.

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Rachel Aceso

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