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Mountain Blood®

We’re proud to say that our flagship product is one of the best selling shilajit resins in the UK

Featured in yoga magazine

It’s so good for you that Mountain Blood was featured in the UK edition of Yoga Magazine (Sep 2018)

I have a real passion for guiding people in their journey towards better health.


As a certified nutritional therapist, I am always on the lookout for the most effective and purest supplements to support my clients’ lifestyle and dietary improvements.

I often felt that many supplements fell short. Containing unnecessary fillers or preservatives, or not being in the most bioavailable form for our bodies.

This is why we started Nature Provides.

We only supply the purest, most effective supplements that support your journey to optimal health.

Supplements that I can confidently stand behind.


Rachel Aceso,
Nutritional Therapist & CEO

A nutritionist-owned family business

Being a certified nutritionist and family run business means we genuinely care about our products. We use them ourselves – every day!

Our products are produced in an ISO, GMP & FDA registered laboratory right here in the UK.

our latest addition to the family!


We have taken the 2 most bio-available forms of Vitamin B12 and blended them together to create what we believe to be the purest and most potent, effective sublingual B12 available.

And keeping within our own rules (if we wouldn’t use it ourselves, then we don’t supply it) it’s held in pure, distilled water and nothing else.

Our Bioactive B12 is produced in an ISO, GMP & FDA registered laboratory right here in England.


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