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Mountain Blood®

We’re proud to say that our flagship product is one of the best selling shilajit resins in the UK

Featured in yoga magazine

It’s so good for you that Mountain Blood was featured in the UK edition of Yoga Magazine (Sep 2018)

proudly a family business

Nature Provides is a small family business based in Sussex, England.

This means we genuinely care about our products – we use them every day!

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Check out our latest addition to the family!


We love our original Mountain Blood resin – many people do. But let’s face it, it doesn’t taste so good and it’s not so easy to add to a smoothie.

Enter the latest edition to our little family: Mountain Blood powdered shilajit.

It’s still 100% raw – all we do is lightly dry it at a low temperature then mill it into a fine powder.

Perfect for adding to your morning smoothie!

Visit the Recipes page for some fresh ideas.

Try our recipes

Pop some Mountain Blood powdered shilajit into your morning coffee or go for something more adventurous with some of our fresh recipe ideas!

I’d had enough of cupboards and shelves filled with tubs and jars of supplements – many of which I wondered whether they even worked.

It’s why we started Nature Provides.

We supply 100% natural products, directly from nature, that actually make a difference to your health and your life.

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