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Minerals, Amino Acids and other Organic ingredients in Mountain Blood shilajit

Minerals, Amino Acids and other Organic ingredients in Mountain Blood shilajit - Nature Provides

Mountain Blood is, figuratively speaking, the lifeblood of mountains - known in Ayuveda as Shilajit. Formed over millennia through the natural compression and biodegration of plant matter between the giant rocks of the Altai mountains in Siberia - Mountain Blood is nature's multi-vitamin. Long used in Ayurvedic medicine, shilajit is prized as a natural remedy for many health complaints.

Working at a cellular level, it is said that Mountain Blood supports every system in the body. From anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, libido boosting and improving memory, to muscle building, energy boosting, improved mood and better sleep, the list of how Mountain Blood shilajit can support the body, is almost endless.*

Below is a breakdown of the known Minerals, Amino Acids and other Organic ingredients contained in Mountain Blood shilajit.


Biological Function

Health Benefits

Silver Unknown Silver has potent antimicrobial effects and has long been used to treat wounds, burns and infections.
Iron Blood cell function, protein and enzyme synthesis Iron (in balance) contributes to enhanced energy levels due to helping both oxygen and electron transport in the body. It is one of the best medicines for those with anaemia or who have suffered blood loss.
Silicon Collagen link formation, toned muscles, bone health Silicon may improve skin, hair and nail growth through collagen synthesis. It has also been shown to reduce Al toxicity, improve Alzheimer's Disease symptoms, boost immune function, remineralise bones and improve arterial health.
Chromium Metabolism, blood sugar control Chromium enhances insulin action, which helps to control blood sugar levels especially for diabetics. It also aids in metabolism, possibly lowering weight gain and digestive problems.
Strontium Unknown Strontium has been proven to improve bone mineral density and reduce fractures in those with osteoporosis, however it also has unwarranted side effects. In Mountain Blood shilajit, Strontium is found in minute amounts, chelated and rendered inert.
Sodium Electrolyte, Nerve Signalling, Cell Function Sodium in balanced proportion, as found in Mountain Blood Shilajit, is required for optimal cellular health, nutrient intake, heart health, balanced blood pressure, muscle contractions and hydration.
Zinc Immune Function, growth, development, healing, DNA synthesis Zinc is crucial for overall health and vitality. Benefits include wound healing, enhanced immune function, heightened energy levels, better metabolism, improved sexual function, healthy cholesterol profile, removing heavy metals and reducing free radical damage. It also enhances your sense of taste and smell.
Magnesium Cell Function, DNA synthesis, Biochemical reactions Magnesium improves the health status for every cell in the body. It is known to reduce stress, balance blood sugar levels, improve cognition, aid muscle tone, mitigate migraines, stabilise the heart beat, aid easy breathing, improve mood, possibly reduce kidney stone and cataract formation, and so much more!
Molybdenum Enzyme production, metabolism Molybdenum indirectly helps to boost energy, remove toxins, prevent DNA mutations and enhance overall cell function due to its essential role in enzyme production. Some data suggests it may prevent neurological conditions too.
Nickel Fat metabolism, hormonal activity, urea synthesis Health benefits of Nickel in humans has not been established, yet it has been shown to improve growth, blood cell production and metabolism in animals. Recent data reveal how it benefits probiotic bacteria in our gut, possibly aiding gut health.
Vanadium Hormone function, cholesterol production, sugar metabolism Organic Vanadium lowers high blood sugar levels, mimics the effects of insulin and increases 'good' HDL cholesterol. Other research indicates that organic V induces apoptosis in cancer cells.
Copper Biochemical reactions, blood cell function, nutrient transport Copper helps to maintain energy levels, reduce free radicals, ensure a healthy heart and brain, as well as improve growth of all tissues including hair, skin and nails.
Potassium Electrolyte, Heart Beat, Nerve Signalling Potassium has a positive effect on all our cells, improving their function. It reduces blood pressure, stress, kidney stone formation, bone calcium loss as well as improves blood sugar levels, heart health, and nerve synapses.
Calcium Cell Function, bone health, enzymes and hormones Calcium helps to balance cellular fluids as well as improve bone and heart health, skin and muscle tone, nutrient transport, weight distribution and overall vitality.
Cobalt Red blood and nerve cell function, enzyme activation Cobalt is the main component of B12, which fights anaemia, enhances the nervous system, activates enzymes and produces proteins, amino acids and neurotransmitters
Gallium Unknown Gallium was shown to destroy tumours and inhibit their growth. It displays antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties as well as helps to correct excessive levels of Calcium and prevent bone mineral density loss in those with osteoporosis.
Gold Unknown Gold has been shown to slow down the progression of tumours and rheumatoid arthritis. It is known to dramatically reduce inflammation, destroy synovial fibroblasts, reduce arthritic erosion and cause cancer cells to die off.
Manganese Enzyme and hormone production, energy, antioxidant Manganese helps reduce cholesterol, boosts energy, protects against free radicals, improves bone health and possibly lowers blood pressure. It also promotes optimal growth and development.
Titanium Unknown Preliminary research suggests that water-soluble Titanium improves wound healing, enhances cell membranes, regenerates tissues, boosts athletic performance and lowers stress.


Amino Acid

Biological Function

Health Benefits

Alanine Amino Acid, serotonin (tryptophan), sugar, organic acids and vitamin metabolism, energy production Alanine boosts energy, lowers cholesterol, increases endurance, speeds metabolism and enhances cognition especially after strenuous exercise.
Arginine Amino Acid, blood pressure and immune regulation Arginine helps to lower blood pressure, speed recovery time, removes ammonia from the body, improves fertility, enhances growth, reduces insulin sensitivity, encourages weight loss and improves muscle tone. It improves the health of the liver, heart, kidneys, gut, brain and reproductive organs.
Aspartic Acid Amino Acid, urea production, DNA metabolism, neurotransmitter, amino acid synthesis Aspartic Acid enhances the synthesis of other amino acids, increasing their health benefits. It may also help to reduce weight.
Cysteine Amino acid, collagen, antioxidant and protein synthesis, metabolism, energy Cysteine boosts energy, has antioxidant properties, reduces inflammation, is required for metabolism, increases hormone production, speeds wound healing and tissue growth. It also enhances the effects of silver, zinc and other amino acids, as well as promotes healthy skin and muscle tone through collagen synthesis.
Glutamic Acid Amino acid, cellular metabolism, cognition, DNA synthesis In balanced amounts, Glutamic Acid acts as a neurotransmitter and enhances cognition, memory and neuroplasticity. It aids potassium transport, lowers inflammation and reduces blood pressure. Certain forms of glutamic acid have anti-tumour properties.
Glycine Amino acid, DNA, collagen, antioxidant and fatty acid synthesis, energy production, nerve cell function In balanced amounts, Glycine has multiple health benefits including higher energy levels, lowering inflammation, protecting cells, tissues and organs from damage, improving arthritis symptoms, reducing free radical activity, enhancing growth, speeding up wound healing and may reduce risk of heart attacks.
Histidine Amino acid, immune function, digestion, reproduction, antioxidant, nerve cell function, blood cell production Histidine protects cells against heavy metals, radiation and free radical damage. It can lower inflammation, improve energy levels, fight fatigue, improve arthritis, anaemia, metabolic and kidney disease symptoms, lower insulin resistance, aid weight loss, reduce anxiety and improve digestion for those with bowel disorders. It may also improve symptoms of neurological disorders like Schizophrenia.
Leucine Amino acid, protein and energy synthesis, metabolism, growth, tissue repair, blood sugar regulation Leucine improves overall health and is found in all cells of living organisms everywhere. Benefits include quick wound healing, enhanced growth and muscle building, lowered stress levels, heightened energy levels, improved motor control, easier weight loss (when exercising), less weight gain, improved fat metabolism, increased insulin release and stable blood sugar levels.
Methionine Amino acid, nutrient absorption, growth, tissue repair, cellular function, DNA and antioxidant synthesis In balanced amounts, Methionine enhances growth, speeds wound healing, improves health of hair, skin and nails, enhances the absorption of zinc and selenium, extends lifespan, boosts immune function, reduces excess fat in the liver and protects against inflammation as well as damage caused by free radicals.
Lysine Amino acid, tissue growth and repair, immune regulation, protein metabolism Lysine speeds up wound healing and recovery time, boosts the immunes response, and reduces stress and anxiety. High lysine combined with low arginine is known to kill off Herpes Sinplex Virus and ameliorate shingles.
Proline Amino acid, collagen, amino acid and protein synthesis, tissue repair, joint and tendon function, immune function, metabolism Proline helps keep skin, joints, muscles and tendons healthy by improving collagen and cartilage synthesis. Other benefits include enhanced immune function, antioxidant protection, enhanced metabolism of nutrients (due to producing other amino acids), increased energy levels, fast wound healing and improved growth.
Serine Amino acid, DNA, protein and amino acid synthesis, cell membrane integrity, fat metabolism, muscle growth, immune function Serine enhances brain function, growth of all cells, wound healing, immune function and overall cellular function. It can also increase energy levels, protect the brain from damage, potentially aid weight loss, indirectly lowers inflammation and free radical release.
Threonine Amino acid, collagen, enamel and elastin synthesis, fat metabolism, immune function In balanced amounts, Threonine promotes organ growth and strengthens the immune system. It's benefits include increased brain function, less weight gain, reduced pain and inflammation in the gut, decreased anxiety, improved mood and reduced motor impairment and spasticity in patients with neurological conditions.
Tyrosine Amino acid, protein, hormone and neurotransmitter synthesis Tyrosine helps to create thyroid hormones, melanin as well as balancing stress levels, boosting overall body function and skin protection. Other benefits include reduced pain intensity, improved mood, heightened cognition and reduced blood pressure.
Valine Amino acid, stimulant, growth, tissue repair, nerve function, energy Valine is known to boost energy levels, build muscles, enhance cognition, reduce stress, improve mood, increase lifespan and protect the liver. Other benefits include faster wound healing, growth and recovery time.


Organic Ingredients

Biological Function

Health Benefits

Benzoic Acids Organic acid Benzoic acids are found prolifically throughout nature in plants, animals and bacteria. In high concentrations, they can be toxic; however, in Mountain Blood shilajit, they are found in balanced proportions and possibly add to its antimicrobial benefits.
Carbon-60 Carbon Isotope Carbon-60 includes many benefits including inflammation reduction, powerful free radical scavenging and greatly elevating energy levels. In studies on rats, it lengthened lifespan by up to 90%.
Dibenzo-Alpha-Pyrones Cellular metabolite, antioxidant, energy production The main benefit of Dibenzo-alpha-pyrones is rapidly enhanced energy production, giving rise to twice as much energy production at a faster rate than normal. They also have antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-allergic properties.
Fatty Acids Macronutrient, metabolism, cellular function, hormone signalling, nerve health Fatty acids have a large variety of benefits for the body, being needed for cell growth, metabolism and more. Specifically our nervous system benefits from fatty acids, as each neurone is protected by a thick layer of fat that helps the cell to function. Fatty acids also give us more energy.
Hippuric Acids Blood metabolite, urea formation Hippuric acids are normally by-products of waste, however they are also known to display antimicrobial properties. Some data suggests that Hippuric acids can dissolve kidney and bladder stones, remove toxins from the body and that higher amounts are associated with a healthier microbiome and reduced metabolic disorder symptoms.
Fulvic Acids Organic acid, electrolyte, nutrient transport, antioxidant, metal chelation Fulvic acid has numerous benefits including enhancing nutrient absorption, rendering toxins inert, lowering inflammation and rebalancing cellular fluids as an electrolyte would. It also improves gut health by allowing probiotic bacteria to flourish at the right pH.
Humic Acids Organic acid, metal chelation, antioxidant Humic acids have multiple benefits including reducing inflammation, fighting off pathogens, speeding up wound healing, improving gut health and decreasing free radical release. These acids also chelate heavy metals, rendering them inert while removing them from the body.
Phenolic steroids Plant-based hormones, antioxidant Phenolic steroids are plant-based versions of hormones such as oestrogen and testosterone, which usually go hand-in-hand with other antioxidant phenolic compounds. In balanced amounts as found in Mountain Blood shilajit they display numerous health benefits, including increasing the amount of sex hormones, improving antioxidant status and protecting cells from oxidative stress.
Phospholipids Fatty acid, cellular function, metabolism, cell signalling Phospholipids are types of fatty acid that are highly bioavailable, enhancing cellular function faster than other types of fats. Known benefits include reducing pharmaceutical side effects, lowering inflammation, preventing the growth and spread of cancer, causing tumour cells to die off, lowering 'bad' LDL cholesterol and enhancing cognition plus brain function.
Phosphoric Anhydride Cellular metabolite, energy production Phosphoric anhydrides are dehydrated phosphoric acids, which are a class of cellular metabolites with antimicrobial properties. ATP, the main molecules used to create energy, is a derivative of phosphoric acid and naturally enhances energy production in all cells. In Mountain Blood shilajit, the amounts of phosphoric anhydride are balanced and non-toxic.
Pregnane Precursor to pregnenolone, androgen, hormone regulation Pregnane is needed to produce pregnenolone, a hormone that gets depleted in everyone as they age. Pregnenolone benefits include overall hormonal balance, lower stress levels, enhanced metabolism, improved growth, enhanced cholesterol regulation and incites apoptosis in breast and prostate cancer cells.


*FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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