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Top 6 health benefits of Mountain Blood for Men

Top 6 health benefits of Mountain Blood for Men - Nature Provides

Improve energy, stamina, libido and memory with a superfood you’ve likely never even heard of

Shilajit (Shil-ah-jeet), is quite literally the blood of the mountains. Packed with over 85 vitamins and minerals in their ionic form (the most bioavailable form for your body) and rich in naturally occurring fulvic and humic acids, this superfood is made by the compression of plant matter under rocks over millions of years. The result? A tar like, resinous substance that oozes from the mountains that is strong in taste and flavour. With health benefits that are equally as potent though, you won't care what it tastes like. Here are our top 6 reasons Mountain Blood can superpower a man’s health.


1/ Up-regulates testosterone levels

Testosterone plays many important roles in a man’s body, affecting everything from the reproductive system and weight loss to muscle mass and bone density. It also plays a crucial role in mood balancing. In a 2016 study of healthy males aged between 45-55 years, supplementation of shilajit over 90 days of 250mg twice daily, significantly increased blood testosterone levels. (1)


2/ Improves libido and Supports fertility

Shilajit also works as one of nature’s best aphrodisiacs and is a powerful supplement for low sex drive. For hundreds of years it has been a widely recommended natural and safe solution for impotence, with some even hailing it as ‘Indian Viagra’. Many men report that they experience a significant improvement in their libido and stamina when taking shilajit.

Added to this, it also increases the number and the quality of a man’s ‘swimmers’. In a study of 60 men experiencing infertility, each man was administered shilajit twice daily for a total of 90 days. At the end of the study, sperm count had increased by more than 60% and motility by at least 12%. (2)


3/ Increases energy and Improves performance

Shilajit goes straight to the energy powerhouse of your cells. Through the action of the fulvic acid, it delivers bioavailable nutrients directly to the mitochondria, thereby increasing the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate, or energy as we commonly call it!). Without sufficient nutrients our cell’s mitochondria cannot function optimally. Furthermore, whilst shilajit activates mitochondrial respiration, it also suppresses activity of succinate – oxidase and NADH-oxidase. Thereby simultaneously protecting from the damage that usually accompanies increased production of energy. (3) When your cells are nourished and protected in this way, it means faster recovery, more energy and improved stamina. Likely why it’s commonly used to enhance athletic performance. (4)


4/ Protects the cardiovascular system

Shilajit has been shown to protect the heart against damage resulting from drug-induced injury. A study published in Cardiovascular Toxicology performed on rats found that subjects given shilajit had less lasting damage visible on the heart. (5) Researchers concluded the effect was likely from more than simply its antioxidant activity.

Preliminary research also indicates that shilajit can help regulate heart rate. In smaller doses, it may lower a speeding heart rate. However, in larger doses, it may have the opposite effect. (6)


5/ Supports brain health and Improves memory

Shilajit is classified as nootropic, which means it enhances the brain’s ability to learn new things. Many men speak of shilajit bringing about mental clarity and sharpness but the ways in which shilajit is both supportive and protective of the brain are numerous.

Researchers have identified a unique action of the small molecules called dibezno-alpha-pyrones, found in shilajit. These molecules prevent the breakdown of the brain chemicals required for memory. (7)

Some studies also show that shilajit has a “distinct and marked neuroprotective activity.” (8) highlighting its targeted mechanism for protecting the brain cells in particular.


6/ Supports healthy ageing

Shilajit can even slow the aging process! This mineral rich superfood is rich in antioxidants, meaning it is very effective in supporting the healthy aging of your heart, lungs, liver, skin - your whole body. The antioxidants effectively protect your cells from free radical damage which, we all know accelerates aging.

Furthermore, one study (9) found that shilajit up-regulates the production of collagen which in turn supports joint health and skin elasticity.

Try adding some Mountain Blood resin or powder to warm milk, your favourite smoothie or even your morning coffee and let us know what benefits you feel!


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