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The collection of reviews below are taken directly from our Amazon listings, some have been abridged.

"Whilst using the product my mood has significantly elevated and my concentration levels have benefitted greatly. The liquid also tastes pleasant and the dropper is very easy to use with clear instructions."

E. Murdock

"I am really pleased with this, I have taken B12 tablets in the past and not seen any difference. This though is different... It has worked. I feel energised and wide awake, even first thing in the morning... Wow!"

V. Myers

"Far more effective than solid B12; you can literally feel the difference in mental clarity as well as physical energy levels. Having swapped out solid B12 with the more bio-available liquid I would never go back."


"High quality B12 - with the added bonus that it’s not in pill form. My daughter cannot swallow pills and finally we have something she can manage and extremely high quality too. She looks noticeably less tired and has more colour in her cheeks - as do I :)Highly recommended!"

E J Armitage & C A Armitage

"I was ordering shilajit from you last year at least. Great results, feel good and full of energy. After fight with cancer, chemotherapy and radiation treatment, I recovered my spirit and get my energy back. It means a lot for me to be capable to live full life again."

Amazon Customer

"I found out I'm deficient in b12 after having a live blood analysis (even though I'm an omnivore, i wasn't absorbing it). So I've been taking naturesprovides product daily for about 3 weeks now and I'm feeling really good."

V. Mew

"I have a B12 deficiency and have injections every 8 weeks. Even then, I still suffer from symptoms, particularly in the week before the injection. I've found that this has made a difference. I've tried similar products but this one has provided the best results."


"As I have a chronic health condition, I wanted a product with no artificial additives or flavourings. This product works and I'll continue to use it. Thanks for putting out such an effective product."


"Since taking this product I have felt a noticeable improvement in my energy levels and clarity. I feel sharper and definitely have more get up and go! Highly recommended."

Amazon Customer

"After 5 days of taking these drops I felt my morning energy soar! I recommended to a friend and she felt this improvement too, and she noticed that her skin felt much softer too. Placing this product on monthly order! "

S Hatherall

"II had broken 2 bones in last 2 years and I wanted to find something natural. Shilajit came up and then Mountain Blood and I felt sure it was what I needed and ordered. After 48hours of taking it I was a new woman. I have been taking it every day since and I see my health benefitting all the while."

Sarah B

"I must say I think it’s brilliant. Before taking this, I would often find myself feeling really tired by mid afternoon but I don’t find that anymore.! Really chuffed and would recommend giving it a try."


"This is great stuff for my arthritis and healthier than drugs!"

Amazon Customer

"Really needed a boost today so i mixed some of this with almond milk and honey. Very delicious and helped me maintain the concentration I wanted. Super clean product. HIGHLY recommended."

Amazon Customer

"I have been using Mountain Blood for a week now and have noticed improvements in my energy levels and even my libido! This is really good quality shilajit. I’m a happy man."

Amazon Customer

"I am blown away. The days I’d get where I felt good and confident (not always full days) were few and far between. Currently sitting at three. I’m focused, ready, awake from the moment my eyes open. Thank you."

K. Moppett

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