General Questions

Whilst our formulations, in terms of their ingredients, are suitable for children, we did not formulate any of our products specifically for children.

The stated daily dose would therefore be too high for a child, so the drops would need to be adjusted accordingly.

As we are unable to give specific dosage advice to children, this would need to be based on your own research or advice from a nutritional therapist you are working with.

Most vitamins and minerals are generally considered to be safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding, with caution against going to too high a dose with particular vitamins such as A (retinol), C and E during pregnancy.

You may want to check with a registered nutritionist in terms of specific dosages and if you're taking other multis you'll want to adjust accordingly.

You should exercise more caution around herbs and botanicals
as they can have a powerful action which would not have been tested in pregnancy.

So in the case of our range, this would be the Mountain Blood shilajit and Boswellia Serrata.


Yes, very likely.

Our third party logisitcs company is able to ship to 98% of the world

The cost to send to the USA and Europe start from around $10 and will be sent via Royal Mail (and onto your local postal service), Evri International or UPS.

Tax / VAT is charged at your local rate so we rarely experience issues when sending your products.

Note that postage costs vary from country to country and are based on weight, so the best way to check is to add the items you want to your basket and add your address; the cost of shipping will be calculated.

We use Evri and Royal Mail for both our free 2-4 days tracked shipping and our Expedited tracked delivery service.

You will receive updates about your parcel and you can choose whether you would like it delivered to a neighbour or a safe place if you're not going to be in.

All deliveries within the UK mainland are free of charge on orders over £25 with free Expedited delivery on all orders over £100.

Bioactive B12

The suggested dose of 3,000mcg is a recommendation for adults.

We advise you to have your levels checked occasionally and, of course, you can adjust the number of drops you take to address a deficiency on a shorter term basis, or lower them a little if levels are fully replete. Vitamin B12 is a very safe vitamin.

The absorption rate is up to 98% for liquids vs pills. When taken sublingually, the vitamin enters the bloodstream within 2 minutes.

Yes, although you would need to be aware of is how much B12 there was (if any) in the multi-vitamin as normally multi-vitimin combinations contain very little B12.

As Bioactive B12 is in liquid-form, you could adjust your dosage accordingly if you wished.

Our Bioactive B12 is almost completely tasteless.

The reason for this is because we don’t add any flavourings or preservatives and the B12 vitamins themselves don’t really have a flavour at all.

When liquid vitamins have a flavour it’s because of what has been added (glycerin, alcohol, sweeteners and flavourings etc.)

Vitamin B12 can, for some, increase energy shortly after taking so it is often better to take B vitamins in the morning, in case the energy keeps you up at night.

Because it is sublingual and will be absorbed directly into your bloodstream it doesn't matter too much whether you take on an empty stomach or not.

Some people feel nauseous taking B vitamins on an empty stomach though, so listen to your body and opt for what is best for you.

Boswellia Serrata

Our Boswellia is dual-extracted using both hot water and alcohol. This allows both water soluble and non-water-soluble compounds to be effectively extracted, offering a full spectrum product.

Whilst it doesn't happen to a great number of people, nausea, heartburn and stomach upset can be a side effect of Boswellia for some people and are the most common side effects reported with Boswellia.

You may find you get on better with turmeric / curcumin as a potent anti-inflammatory without this side effect.

There are 400mg of Boswellia per capsule which is extracted at a 5:1 strength from 2000mg.

Dual-Form Iodine

Most iodine products on the market today are either sodium and/or potassium iodine. Sodium and/or potassium iodine binds anatomically stronger than with any other element, therefore, the process of digesting and assimilating this combination is very difficult, which can lead to toxic reactions. Ours is not.

The portion in our iodine (that is iodine), 43% is ammonium iodide and iodine, 57% is “free iodine.”

By the time the product enters the stomach, the ammonium separates from the iodide and the remainder becomes 100% “free iodine” which raises the metabolism and restores the electrical balance of the body.

Nascent iodine is the ionic form of iodine (or the negatively charged ion in solution).

This means it’s 100% free iodine, the form we absorb. Nature Provides Dual-form iodine is 43% ammonium iodide and 57% iodine from kelp.

The iodide separates from the ammonium in the stomach to become free iodine and this process takes place much more easily than with common forms of iodine such as potassium iodide or sodium iodide.

The iodine from kelp is free iodine.

So, although our iodine is not nascent iodine, it is 100% free iodine and therefore compares favourably.

In order to achieve the equivalent of a Lugols 5% formula you would require 11-12 drops per day.

However, the two products are not the same (as they contain different forms of Iodide) and our formula is a more bioavailable option, meaning less is required.

It's for this reason our recommenced daily dose is lower than this at 3 drops per day.

Ionic Zinc

The mineral is positively or negatively charged, meaning it then has a greater (or fewer) number of atoms electrons, enabling it to bind more easily in the body.

Ionised is the form that plants and animals can easily absorb. It is highly bioavailable and studies show that it is much harder to build to toxic levels when in this form.

We have heard that the Medical Medium recommends this and, even though the bottle says that it should be diluted, there's no reason to do this if you choose to do so.

The reason we encourage people to dilute is that Zinc can cause nausea and stomach cramps in some people (this is the same with all liquid Zinc products).

If you plan to take your ionic Zinc without dilution, it's good to ensure you have at least a little food in your stomach to help to guard against nausea and stomach cramps. 

Zinc Sulphate is made from treating the Zinc Oxide with Sulphuric acid which produces an extremely pure Zinc Sulphate.

Zinc Oxide is produced when the zinc ore (ore from mineral source) is melted, vaporised and cooled to produce zinc particles.

LipoC Liposomal Vitamin C

LipoC is made with Acerola Cherry which doesn't taste like the Sweet Cherries that we all know and love.

Acerola Cherries have a tart taste and are chosen as they are extremely rich in vitamin C.

We use pure, non-GMO phospholipids in our LipoC.

We do not use Phosphatidylcholine (PC) which is a phospholipid attached to a choline particle.

There are 13g / 100 ml of pure and natural phospholipids in our LipoC formula.

Magnesium Glycinate

2,400mg refers to the total amount of magnesium glycinate per 4 capsule dose. 240mg refers to the elemental value of magnesium.

This is the magnesium your body can utilise.

Magnesium citrate, for example, has a higher elemental percentage, however it has a much lower bioavailability so is not as well absorbed. So, whilst genuine non-buffered magnesium glycinate only has around 10%, it is much better absorbed by the body and therefore better utilised.

When Magnesium Glycinate has been buffered with another form of magnesium (Mg Oxide for example), the elemental value will be higher than 10%, but Mg Oxide has a much lower bioavailability than Magnesium Glycinate so in this case, less is more.

Mountain Blood Shilajit

Mountain Blood shilajit has no known contradindications.

However, shilajit should not be mixed with tap water that contains chlorine.

The fulvic and humic acids present in Mountain Blood, when combined with chlorine, create by products that are detrimental to health.

Mountain Blood should ideally be consumed with a fat-based product (like milk or avocado oil) or, if you prefer, non-chlorinated, filtered water.

We recommend simply adding it to your morning coffee or tea.

Our shilajit is harvested by locals in Siberia and then processed with boiling water (to dissolve the shilajit from the rock and kill any bacteria).

It is then filtered through a 7-stage filtration process before being dried to remove much of the water content and leave the sticky resinous substance we know as shilajit.

Every batch is then tested in the UK. If you would like to see the latest lab test results, please contact us.

Shilajit is known to contain around 60-80% Fulvic acid content.
We don't test for this and we don't know of another company that does.

We have looked into this in the past but the labs we approached advised that it would cost thousands of pounds for them to rent the necessary equipment to test for this and in fact that an accurate, reliable test does not exist for measuring Fulvic Acid levels.

We recommend starting slowly with Mountain Blood as it can up-regulate detoxification pathways, so it's important to allow your body to adjust.

After a week of taking a grain of rice sized piece once a day you can certainly build to a small pea sized piece.

Whether you take it once or twice a day is a personal choice. Some people take it up to 3 times

Mountain Blood can become solid due to the water content being very low and if the lid is left off, even more moisture can leave the jar, causing it to be quite hard and difficult to remove.

Brands that are softer simply have more water content in there.

Sometimes, it can be a little too solid, so the best thing to do is pop a couple of drops of filtered water (literally drops) into the jar, close the lid and leave overnight. The water will help the shilajit to soften and it will be much easier to get out of the jar.

The choice is yours! But here are 3 suggestions:

Add to a warmed milk of your choice

Gently warm some milk (dairy, coconut or oat) and dissolve a small amount of Mountain Blood shilajit into it. You can add maple syrup or honey if you prefer a sweeter taste. ⁠

Stir it into your morning coffee or herbal tea

Coffee masks the flavour of shilajit very well and a dose added to your morning cup will add an extra boost for your day. ⁠

You can also dissolve in plain hot water go course but just be sure to use filtered water to remove the chlorine.

Place it on your tongue

The easiest and quickest way to take your shilajit is straight on your tongue. Just allow a small piece to dissolve on your tongue. Maybe have a glass of water ready as the flavour is quite strong. ⁠

Try a few different ways and see what works for you. 

Vitamin D3 & K2

Our D3 is extracted from lanolin. We source the lanolin from the wool shorn from living and healthy sheep.

The K2 (Mk-7) we use is made via submerged fermentation with a bacillus species with non-GMO Natto and olive oil as a carrier.

Our product uses a form of Vitamin D (D3) which doesn't suit those following a Vegan diet and lifestyle but has superior bioavailability to the plant-form (D2).

We source the lanolin, from which the Vitamin D is extracted, from the wool shorn from living and healthy sheep. So it's suitable for Vegetarians, but not for Vegans.

The K2 (MK-7) in our D3+K2 formula is 100% Trans

What does this mean and why is it important?

Like most biological molecules, MK-7 can exist as geometric isomers that can occur in the cis, trans, and cis/trans forms; however, only the all-trans form is biologically significant as it's this form that sustains biological activity.

Cold pressed, Organic black seed oil constitutes the majority of the oil at 21g per bottle compared with the mixed tocopherol oils at just 0.06g per bottle.

Our Organic Nigella Sativa is sourced from Turkey.