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Increase your Testosterone with shilajit

Boost your testosterone naturally with shilajit: A clinical study confirms the benefits

Written by Rachel Aceso
But did you know that shilajit has also been linked to increased testosterone levels? In fact, a study published in Andrologia found that shilajit supplementation may increase total testosterone levels in healthy adult men.
The impact of the stress you don't even notice! - Nature Provides

The impact of the stress you don't even notice!

Written by Rachel Aceso
Chronic stress can affect everything! Yes, literally everything in your body. From your hormones and creating imbalances, to inflammation and impaired gut function to name a few. It also lowers hydrochloric acid (stomach acid) which not only puts you at greater risk of parasites and bacteria becoming resident in your gut, it also negatively impacts how you assimilate your vitamins and minerals from your food.

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